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Franke – Superautomatic Coffee Machine- A400 FM CM

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Franke A400 FM CM: A fully super-automatic espresso machine like the Franke A400 FM CM has everything a cafe needs to serve excellent espresso drinks—a lot more efficiently. The A400 FM CM generates up to 100 drinks a day for a fast-paced small cafe. If multitasking between drink production and food service is your goal, this machine provides the necessary support.

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Franke – Fully Automatic – A400 FM

Franke A400 Fresh Brew
A400 Daily Cleaning
Franke Coffee Systems A400 | How to Video

The super-automatic Franke A400 FM CM demonstrates how vital automation is to businesses serving outstanding coffee. Built with innovative Swiss technology, the A400 FM CM makes espresso drinks with a one-button process, creating the most user-friendly operation imaginable and the highest rate of efficiency. At the end of the day, the machine cleans itself with a smart CleanMaster program, letting you and your staff apply your energy to productivity.

Capable of serving the needs of a diverse range of customers and employees, the A400 FM CM can provide warm or cold milk, brewed coffee, and a host of customized drink options to deliver exactly what you want, and nothing less.

This company sets its sights on bringing a fresh spin to coffee equipment to spark genuine innovation.

The flexible and high-performance A400 FM CM is a practical investment that will help you cultivate a reputation for quality.

Key Features and What They Mean

8 Inch Touchscreen
Users select beverages by picture with the highly visible and intuitive touchscreen complete with two operation modes and programmability. You can also set the screen to display custom images and advertising messages to up sales.

2 Bean Hoppers with Separate Ceramic Grinders
Add different types of coffee to the A400 FM CM to be instantly ground and extracted. Tailor your offerings with any combination of regular, decaf, and specialty coffee.

The pre-infusion method ensures that balanced flavor and extraction are achieved with every espresso.

FoamMaster System
This system gives frothed milk an incredibly creamy texture. It also provides a range of milk foam options for both hot and cold drinks to let the user control the outcomes and create distinctive beverage combinations.

Removable Brew Unit
Change out the brew unit without any special tools to make specialty coffee, espresso, and large cups or multiple cups of coffee at a time.

Adjustable Beverage Spout
Change the height of the beverage spout from 88 to 180mm to fit larger cups. This is great for coffee shops with different cup sizes and office employees filling coffee mugs.

CleanMaster System
The automatic milk cleaning system (with an integrated cleaning cartridge) is compliant with HACCP hygiene standards. Let your employees be more productive with the help of automated maintenance tasks like these.

1 Powder Container for Dry Milk or Cocoa
Add cocoa powder or shelf-stable dry milk to the drink system to prepare drinks in a way that aligns with your business requirements.

Optional Brewed Coffee
If you like, you can set up your A400 FM CM to make freshly brewed coffee. By making drip coffee one at a time, the machine ensures consistent quality and cuts out wastage of entire pots of coffee sitting unused.

A400 FM CM - Beverage Creations

Brewed coffeeOptionalHot WaterYesMilk CoffeeYes
SteamOptionalCold MilkYesWarm MilkYes
EspressoYesCold Milk FoamYesWarm Milk FoamYes
Flavour ShotsNoLatte MacchiatoYes

A400 FM CM - Features & Miscellaneous

CleaningClean MasterSteam WandOptional
Double coffee dispenserYesSeperated hot water dispenserYes
Double milk dispenserYesCoffee dispenser height85-180 mm
Special outlet for jugNoCoffee dispenser adjustableManual
Number of available brewing units3Capacity grounds container80
Diameter piston43-50 mmAutomatic on/off timerYes
Capacity (depending on brewing unit)16-22 gNoise< 70db
Cup recognitionOptional

A400 FM CM - Milk System

FoammasterYesMilk powderOptional
Second type of fresh milkNoCapacity fresh milk stockage5.00 l
Auto Steam Pro, Programmable milk foam consistencyNoMilk (fill level)Yes
Auto Steam, Fully automated milk heatingOptionalFresh milk temperature adjustableYes

A400 FM CM - Bean Hopper

Number bean hoppers2Capacity bean hopper standard600.00 g
Bean hopper lockableOptionalCapacity bean hopper extra large (optional)No

A400 FM CM - Water Supply

Fix water connectionYes
Water tank (integrated)No
Water tank (external)Optional

A400 FM CM - Dimensions

Height33.5 InchesDepth23.6 Inches
Width13.4 InchesWeight83.8 pounds

A400 FM CM - Capacity

Recommended daily output (cups)100 per day
Recommended yearly output (cups)30000

A400 FM CM - Electrical Requirements

Volts200 - 240 V
Wattage5300 W

Franke Warranty

Manufacturer Warranty:12 months parts and labor

Who Should Buy The Franke A400 FM CM?

Small Coffee Shop
A fully super-automatic espresso machine like the Franke A400 FM CM has everything a cafe needs to serve excellent espresso drinks—a lot more efficiently.

The A400 FM CM generates up to 100 drinks a day for a fast-paced small cafe. If multitasking between drink production and food service is your goal, this machine provides the necessary support.

Equipped with the latest and best technology like Franke’s unique FoamMaster system and pre-infusion, this model is dedicated to producing the kind of quality found in premium coffee shops.

From cappuccinos, to steamed milk, and even brewed coffee, the diverse options will make the A400 FM CM your new favorite cafe machine.

Concerned about your restaurant staff’s ability to use an espresso machine?

In the typical scenario, servers and restaurant employees don’t know how to run espresso equipment, or have very little training. The A400 FM CM is for this exact situation.

The machine makes drinks from lattes to chocolate milk all by itself when the user pushes a button.

Because it will construct the entire drink in the cup, servers can push the button and do what they do best: multitask for faster, more efficient, and better customer service.

One of the locations most in need of a super-automatic machine like the Franke A400 FM CM is an office.

A super-automatic espresso machine for office employees is going to revolutionize the work environment.

Employees with zero training can have a macchiato made to order without ever having to touch a portafilter or a milk pitcher.

They can skip the expensive trips to the coffee shop and focus on productivity in the office with their afternoon caffeine boost.

A hotel with espresso available at breakfast creates a luxurious stay for guests.

You don’t have to take up your staff’s valuable time making drinks for customers with the A400 FM CM since it makes the drinks by itself.

Place one of these machines anywhere you want your guests to access a fresh cup of coffee, a latte, or hot or cold milk.

Convenience Store
The A400 FM CM is ideal for a convenience store looking to upgrade the coffee offerings.

Just like a typical cappuccino machine, the A400 FM CM makes and pours the beverage into the user’s cup.

But unlike the typical cappuccino maker, this model brings unprecedented flavor and quality to the super-automatic machine type.

It will also display custom advertising messages and images to increase sales and help your business thrive.

Cafeteria or Self-Service Location
Whether you need an espresso machine for a corporate cafeteria or for an event space, this machine is perfect for self-service.

Customers and staff will have a five-star coffee in one quick step using the large touchscreen with color pictures to guide them.

Because the machine reaches beyond espresso, it’s practical for locations serving adults and kids. Versatility and ease of use are two of its greatest strengths.

Other Business Types
There are many businesses today creating a unique customer experience by serving fresh lattes and cappuccinos to clientele.

Boutiques, spas, and retail stores of all kinds especially require a machine that can do it all and save the time-consuming effort of a standard espresso machine.

Give your customers more incentive to return again and again with the kind of coffee that rivals the chicest cafe’s.

Common Questions and Answers

Q: What is the difference between a super-automatic espresso machine like the A400 FM CM and an automatic espresso machine?
Though they sound similar, there are huge differences between super-automatic and automatic espresso machines.

With a typical automatic machine, the barista loads a portafilter with ground coffee, inserts it into the group head, and pushes a programmed dosing button. The machine will dispense the espresso and stop automatically at the right volume.

The barista then steams the milk for a milk-based drink and adds it to the espresso.

The Franke A400 FM CM takes automation much further. It grinds the coffee, brews the espresso, and steams the milk when the user selects the beverage from the digital menu.

This super-automatic model is a one-touch machine that literally makes your drink while you wait.

This is why it’s such a brilliant option for so many different kinds of businesses. Efficiency and user-friendliness like this is hard to beat.

Q: What types of drinks can the A400 FM CM make?
The A400 FM CM can be customized to make many different types of drinks.

It can do traditional lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos. If you add chocolate as a machine option, it can make mocha lattes, hot chocolate, and cold chocolate milk.

It also offers drip coffee, hot water for teas, and a ton of customizable options to make your own personalized drink orders.

The kind of drink it doesn’t make is a flavored syrup drink. If you want that kind of functionality, check out the Franke A600 FM CM.

Q: How does the FoamMaster system in the A400 FM CM system work?
The FoamMaster presents a brand new approach to steamed milk. It gives you the ability to add milk foam at different consistencies and thicknesses to any type of drink.

It creates latte foam, cappuccino foam—whatever you want. If you want foam on top of a cold drink, this machine will grant your wish.

Instead of frothing milk by hand (which is possible with the optional steam wand if you prefer), you’ll have beautifully steamed milk delivered by the FoamMaster to any drink.

Q: What is pre-infusion in the A400 FM CM and what does it do for the coffee?
When an espresso machine features pre-infusion, you know that it’s great for serious coffee lovers.

Pre-infusion is an extraction stage that happens before the pump delivers a full-pressure stream of water to the coffee.

In this stage, the coffee is pre-wet and evenly saturated. What this accomplishes is balanced extraction of all the coffee particles.

This is good for the final results. Because the extraction is enhanced, the coffee in your cup is more flavorful with all the nuances intact.

Pre-infusion is added to the A400 FM CM as part of the machine’s quality-enhancing design, giving the user a more delicious cup of coffee.

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